Advinion Professional Chart Version 2.6

Today we released a new version of Advinion Professional Chart.

ADVINION is announcing the new Professional Chart’s version 2.6.

This version includes new features, along with enhancements of existing functionality.

Full changes in this version:

General features

–  Enhanced shapes, lines and technical-tools management:

  • Control each point by adjusting manually the date and value for better accuracy and precision.
  • Hide or show lines’ labels.
  • New “lock” property to prevent accidental movement.
  • Significantly enhanced color-selection gadget, which offers an easy to use RGB or HSB, based color browsing.
  • New “Dashed” property to assist each tool to blend with the entire drawing.
  • Shape deletion by selecting a shape and hitting the “Delete” key.
  • Shapes, lines and technical-tools automatically scale between time-scales.

–  Save current Symbol and Time-Scale with studies (Optional).

–  Capture Chart to file in order to upload its image to online Blogs or Articles.

–  New Crosshair and Real-time marker look.

–  Customizable toolbar look. Each customer can redesign each toolbar’s button.

Technical analysis tools

–  Fibonacci retracement.

–  Fibonacci time-zones.

–  Fibonacci fan.

–  Fibonacci extension.

–  Fibonacci time extension.

–  Fibonacci arc.

–  Gann fan.

–  Gann square.

–  Each Fibonacci and Gann tool has 10 customizable lines with the following settings:

  • Visibility.
  • Line level (percent value).
  • Color.
  • Thickness.
  • Dashed / Solid.

–  Andrew pitchfork.

–  Linear regression.

–  Cycle lines.

–  Point difference.

–  Percent difference.

Shapes and Lines

–  Cursor to cancel drawing mode.

–  Ray & Extended line, to draw a line, extended behind its definition points to show crossing with historical and future data.

–  Vertical and Horizontal lines.

–  Parallel line, to easily create a channel.

–  Arrow line to mark a specific location in the chart.

–  Zigzag tool for a quick sketch of multiple lines.

–  Rectangle.

–  Circle tool controlled by a center and a radius.

–  Ellipsis (called circle in earlier versions).

–  Triangle, where each point is editable and movable separately.

–  Arc.

–  Text field.

ADVINION invites you to the Chart’s new site at to find out more information about the Chart or contact our support at .

Best regards,

Advinion Team

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